Tanning & Yoga: More Alike Than Not?

For most people, tanning (especially tanning beds!) and yoga do not go hand in hand. Even yoga on the beach manages to mostly evade getting a tan and doing yoga at the same time, as many beach yoga sessions are sunrise or sunset sessions. And during the heat of the day, doing yoga isn’t really comfortable, which defeats its purpose. However, anyone who has laid in the sun on the beach can attest to the calm and relaxing qualities of sunbathing. Equally, yoga also makes you feel calm and relaxed. Therefore, the link between the two is not necessarily obtuse. Here are some ways in which going tanning and going to yoga class work in the same ways to calm you.

Increase Of Endorphins

A common knowledge statement is that when you are happy you are usually relaxed. Even when you are doing something that might cause a temporary adrenaline rush or muscle tension, the outcome is usually that you feel refreshed and calm. This feeling of relaxation is caused by an increase of endorphins to your brain. Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers and feel-good chemicals, and are key in staving off anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that yoga can work in the same way as mind-body therapy can. It has had proven effects on such ailments as anxiety, depression, arthritis, epilepsy, high blood pressure, and more. It has even helped in aiding cancer patient immune systems by decreasing their stress level.

Studies have also shown that exposure to UV light will increase endorphins in the same way that yoga or any other exercise might. This is why anxiety and depression patients are often prescribed UV light station sessions. This is also why many tanners feel especially calm and happy after a session.

A Way To Meditate or Focus Thoughts

Not all yoga has to be active. In the same way, not all tanning has to be on the beach or outside in the sun. When given a controlled environment, the mind has the amazing ability to focus and clear out any negative thoughts. Studies have shown that meditating is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, and can pair well with already relaxing activities such as yoga and tanning in a lie-down tanning bed.

Not all tanning or yogic practices are able to be done alongside meditation, however. Meditation needs a certain level of calmness. Ergo, pi-yo is not the place for meditation, nor is a stand-up tanning bed. However, many yogis will work a form of meditation into their practice, making it easy for the yoga-goer to work meditation into their routine. However, if you are planning on getting the full relaxation benefits of tanning and meditation combined, it is best to go to a place with tanning beds. Be careful, though, to not mediate yourself to a burn! And as with both practices, make sure to make yourself as comfortable as possible for the most benefits.